Problems Of Recidivism Within The United States Correctional System

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Problems of Recidivism within the United States Correctional System
The correctional system in the United States is indeed failing the American public. Our system is used for crime control and punishment of offenders. One of the biggest if not the greatest problems we face is recidivism. This is the one thing that keeps jails and prisons running. The American prison system is a 200 billion dollar industry.
Today with the increase need of prisons due to overcrowding you might find yourself living right next door to a prison in a residential area. Many factors contribute to recidivism such as: employment opportunity, family support, peer group influence, institutional programs, rehabilitation, housing authority, women issues, drug treatment, mental health, medical staffing along with finances it takes to run a facility.
If we can tremendously decrease recidivism, then our jails and prisons wouldn’t be overcrowded. This would also lessen the need for the construction of new facilities. Recidivism starts with the offender. You can offer all the programs in the world while incarcerated, but if you don’t take advantage of them then they won’t work. Also the offender must be willing to make a personal change within themselves.
Four factors that the correctional system can’t change one family support. Many offenders burn bridges with their families in which they become a burden on them. Whether they have lied or stole from them in order to support whatever their…

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