Problems Associated With Climate Change Essay

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Climate change is broadly defined as any variation in climate over time whether due to natural variability or due to anthropogenic activity IPCC, (2001a). As developing countries are highly dependent on agriculture, there are growing concerns that this change in weather variability will further threaten the food security of already vulnerable rural households in developing nations and pose a serious challenge to development efforts. In light of this unending threat, it is imperative that a deeper understanding of the impact of weather extremes on the rural poor and the effectiveness of current coping mechanisms be captured. Although changes in rainfall and weather patterns are being felt worldwide, Barrios et al (2008) found that agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa is particularly sensitive to weather variability as the availability of water differs widely throughout the geographically diverse continent.
Rainfall variation is a key constraint to agricultural productivity and economic growth in many developing nations. This is likely to be exacerbated in many regions as rainfall variability is magnified (even in situations where the total amount of rain increases) due to climate change, (McCartney, Matthew; Smakhtin, Vladimir, 2010). There is a consensus that over the coming years, anthropogenic induced climate change will cause serious transformations in the biophysical systems that will impact on human settlements, ecosystem services, water resources and food…

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