Environmental Synthesis Essay

Survival is essential to human species. Environment is essential to the survival and development of humans, especially early humans, since they relied on their living environment, and their ability of withstanding natural disaster was significantly lower than modern humans. Once there was a great change of climate, they had to change their living strategies to adapt to the environment, including the transformation from being nomads to cultivating primitive crops. Because of this, agriculture occurred and was established as a mode of human society and economy, which means that there must be a close relationship between it and the climate change. We can analyze this inference through the process of agricultural development of in several different regions.

First of all, the climate change developed the origin of agriculture in the Levant region. The Younger Dryas of the Levant region occurred in around ca.12600/12500 cal BP, and lasted
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In order to make series continue, plants had some certain gene mutation to adapt to the changed climate, and this is the result of plants adapted to the change of environment. Mass propagation of annual plants created possibility for the origin of agriculture. From the perspective of breeding of plant species along with climate change, the author illustrated that the origin of agriculture could not be separated from certain climate conditions.

In conclusion, it is no doubt that there was an extremely close relationship between climate change and the origin of agriculture. Historically, dramatic climate change had occurred repeatedly, and YD was only one of those regions. Every time it forced humans to try a new way of living, such as to settle and to start agriculture domestication. Afterwards, beneficial climate created a great condition for agricultural development. In this way, agriculture was really starting to

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