Problem With Natural Science Is The Articulation Of A Paradigm

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there are

already predetermined problems of earlier paradigms set to be solved. The final

problem with natural science is the articulation of a paradigm. Researchers must

conduct experiments and observations to articulate or express coherently

paradigms. They must undergo work on the paradigm to prove and define the given

models of previous theory. After giving attention to these problems Kuhn suggests

that the practicing of articulated paradigms will be determined as capable of

answering set problems or incapable and with that will cease to be used in further

experiments. In the following chapter of paradigms, Kuhn makes obvious the use of

paradigms in normal science as being part of a puzzle. The research that scientists

conduct is exactly like solving a puzzle. He makes the comparison simple to

understand, puzzles have rules and determined solutions. Conducting scientific experiments follows the same process, there must be an answer to the given

situation. But, there is always the possibility that if the outcome of an experiment

does not produce a result following the rules of a puzzle, then the experiment will be

considered a failure. Moving forward from the failures of experiments, scientists

possess a drive to find results to add precision to given paradigms and improve its

accountability. To discover the nature of a paradigm, one must follow the set rules

passed down from earlier results of attempted experiments with those paradigms.…

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