Essay about Probation Officers Should Be Legal

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In today 's society with the growing numbers of criminals, probation is a very important job that needs to be done effectively. Many probation officers do not go the extra mile to help the offender make a healthier lifestyle. Probation can be very difficult and stressful work. Passion is needed when handling someone 's life, it 's a very big responsibility. Many facilities are doing studies to enhance the system so more people get on the right track rather than going to jail. In order to become an effective probation officer a person must receive the right amount of education, a person posses the specific skill sets and be aware of the downsides to the job (Lon 1).
Although not all places require schooling, it’s important to obtain the necessary education. For most places entry level requires a bachelor 's degree and no experience, but the more the better. Most employers require the candidates to pass exams that are written, oral or psychological (Probation 3). If you skip steps it may cause things to be more difficult. Probation officers aren’t easy to get in the first place, and without an education, a person is at a disadvantage to someone who does. Working with criminals can be tricky and stressful but if someone knows all the tactics they teach they’d be much more successful. The three bachelor degrees one could choose for this field are criminal justice, sociology and psychology (Alpert 4).
Before going into probation it is essential to have a full understanding…

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