Essay about Pro Basketball Player And Anthem For Doomed Youth

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The poems “Ex-Basketball Player” and “Anthem for Doomed Youth” are two very different poems; in setting, the way they are written, and how they portray heroism. The poem “Ex-Basketball Player” is written third person and focuses on a man who was once great at basketball, but is stuck in his fame of high school. “Anthem for Doomed Youth” is written in third person talking about WWI, how gruesome the war was and how the soldiers do not receive the honourable death they deserve. “Ex-Basketball Player” is written into five stanzas from third person, with the first giving us an image of where the character “Flick Webb” now resigns. This stanza gives us an idea of exactly where Flick is in his life and it is crucial to the rest of the poem. “Pearl Avenue runs past the high-school lot” the first line of the poem and likely the street where he went to high school. The third line brings up “Berth’s Garage” which the reader finds out in the fifth line is where he always is now. “Most days you’ll find Flick Webb, who helps Berth out.” We know he is a mechanic or at least a mechanic helper now, and have a good idea where he stands in his life in present time. Stanza two is broken down describing Flick as a basketball player, and comparing him to others he plays against. “Flick stands tall among the idiot pumps-” the first line reads, which continues into the second line “Five on a side,” the reader now knows Flick is a basketball player and portrayed as a God compared to the other…

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