Privilege : Privilege And Privilege Essay

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What is a privilege? Privilege is defined as “a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most” ( Privilege is different for everyone, and how an ethnic group chooses to see or act upon a certain privilege. White privilege in particular, is all around us; people who choose not to see it or are unmindful of its presents seem to be living in denial. Others in the white community feel that being white is not a privilege but a disadvantage, they feel that other ethnic groups are actually the more privileged group. The white community often takes everyday life experiences for granted, experiences that other ethnic groups only hope for.

White Privilege is “defined in relation to a group or social category (Rothenberg 115), conflation of privilege with the societal norm and the implicit option to ignore oppression mean that privilege is rarely seen by the holder of the privilege” (Rothenberg 110). White privilege is created in many ways; when belonging to a particular group, which can give people privilege, “Whiteness is privileged in this society, and I have access to the privilege only when people identify me as belonging to the category ‘white.’ I do or don’t receive race privilege based on which category people put me in without their knowing a single other thing about me” (Rothenberg 115). Another way that white privilege is created is by language, “language contributes to the invisibility and regeneration of…

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