Privatization Of Medical Care And Public Education Essay

911 Words Dec 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The intersection of the Trump election in relationship to class status or class divide is going to continue to divide the country into more offices, through the privatization of medical care and public education resorting to charter schools. Such proposals alone in the Trump cabinet will cause significant economic stresses for middle-class working class citizens of the United States. The privatization of medical care will make health insurance unaffordable to residents while being taxed if they are not able to afford care. In the example of privatization of education it has already been discovered through the works of Kathryn McDermott evaluating public funds and resources allocated to non-community building and strengthening developmental projects or services. Such redistribution of wealth and resources will have significant impacts on employment opportunities, the likelihood of greater incarceration rates and higher probability of medical related deaths due to the inability to afford medical care for every day diseases accelerating due to possible poor diets bad living conditions i.e. living next to trash incinerators, coal mines and other environmentally hazardous industries often found in lower social economical communities like Springfield.

As the weeks continue to present the model moving forward after Obama passed Obama care and since been recorded to holding the record of locking away the highest percentage of people behind bars. An example of the Foretelling future…

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