Private Peaceful Play Analysis

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On the 18th of September 2014, I went to watch the adapted theatre production of “Private Peaceful” at the Queens theatre, Barnstable. The production that was originally a novel written by Michael Morpurgo but Simon Reade adapted and directed the theatre production. The theatre company was called: Fiery Angel and scamp theatre; the actor for the solo role of ‘Tommo’ and 21 other roles, was characterized by Andy Daniel. He did an exceptionally good job and skilfully brought all the characters to hard hitting real life.
Subsequently this play was purposely put on this year to remember and respect the 100th anniversary of world war one; where many brave, strong soldiers lost their lives. So what better way to respect them, watch what some of them went through and become transfixed on the emotion of not only the
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Andy Daniels had the whole stage to himself; so this meant he could manoeuvre around and do as much as he wants without anyone in his way. This created a thought-provoking atmosphere because you didn’t know what was coming next… By looking at a nearly empty stage with so little props was significant because during the war everyone had little of everything and it showed solitude. Many scenes cross cut like; the playground, church, isolated war zone etc... The simplicity of the stage was vital; it worked better and told the story well and that 's why I think the director chose only to have a cyclorama, bed, folded up clothes on the stage because on simple change by lighting or movement set a whole new

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