Prison Vs. Prison Prisons Essay

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Although the term jail and prison are used interchangeably and the two types of institutions have many common Characteristics. Jails and detention confine persons awaiting trials, they are in use for short-term detention if a person of care when theirs is facilities shortage. For example, if a person is drunk he gets detained until the person gets sober, jails are also used to detain witness of a crime. And lastly, jails are used for convicted offenders for the short term, usually less than 1 year. Jails are normally run by local government, jails are also run by county sheriff department. There are many types of jails, most jails are run by the county, and however, many jails are run by city or town which they are located. Few jails are privately own by contract to the local government. In other hand prisons are used for a serious offender who committed horrific crimes. Offenses are usually felonies and the person who has been sentenced to long term usually more than one year or to capital punishment. No jails are a vacation, prisoners in jail committed suicide more than prisons. But the difference of living condition has changed remarkably. Prisons were used throughout the Europe during 16th and 17th century, however, they weren 't using the way our jail system today. Jails are used for temporary hold or short time confinement. Early European prisons were used to hold people before their trials or while they awaited their punishment. All types of offenders from children…

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