Angela Davis: Anarchists

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In an anarchist’s point of view, Angela Davis is one of the many anarchists that fought for prison reform. Anarchists have been disagreeing with the way the government is controlling society; they believe society does not need the government at all. The government is implementing laws protecting themselves and the rich. In today’s society, children are committing crime. Their solution is putting them in juvenile, which is another form of prison for minors. The government believes that locking up criminals, including children in prison is their way of teaching them or helping them to learn from their mistakes.
Typically, one of the main purposes of anarchists is standing up for themselves and be the voice of the people by standing up for their
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By locking convicts, they do not receive enough basic support and they are not gaining skills to help them function once they are released. Furthermore, anarchists such as Angela Davis believe prison should spare offenders from imprisonment by giving them other punishments. Prison is expensive and overcrowded; they cannot provide proper clothing, food, and medical attention to all of them. Also, there are alternatives to prison; reformists came up with better options to imprisonment such as treatment programs, home confinement, and electronic monitoring.
Prison should not be viewed as the first resort to punish a convict. Angela Davis stated, “Prison needs to be abolished as the dominant mode of addressing social problems that are better solved by other institutions and other means” (Davis). Instead of prison, government should use alternatives to help criminals learn from their mistake, not by locking them up. Although the prison system is expensive, the government should apply alternatives to imprisonment such as fines and community service to solve social
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Phil Dickens mentions:
Incarceration as a form of punishment and retribution is, in fact, a relatively new and revolutionary idea. Before Jeremy Bentham first developed the idea of the modern penal system in the 19th Century, prisons were usually used to detain criminals until trial or the administration of punishment. (Dickens)
Criminals who are awaiting trial or other forms of punishment only used imprisonment. Today, prison is the major solution to punish a criminal and the government’s way of protecting society. Imprisonment was an alternative back in the 19th century, but today it is their way of penalizing and teaching their people a lesson. Emma Goldman and Ben Reitman involve God in describing how the prison system was before. They believe prison is giving the inmates a taste of hell because of the poor conditions happening inside the penitentiary. As said in the bible, a person who commits a sin will be sent to hell. As for prisoners, they performed an illegal act, therefore the government sentences them to prison as a form of punishment. In addition, Ben Reitman also believes religion has a big role in society. Since people believe the bible contains the rules of living life and the ways of getting into heaven, he believes God should be out of business and let society decide for

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