Prison Reform Case Study

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In an anarchist’s point of view, Angela Davis is one of the many anarchists that fought for prison reform. Anarchists have been disagreeing with the way the government is controlling society; they believe society does not need the government at all. The government is implementing laws protecting themselves and the rich. In today’s society, children are committing crime. Their solution is putting them in juvenile, which is another form of prison for minors. The government believes that locking up criminals, including children in prison is their way of teaching them or helping them to learn from their mistakes.
Typically, one of the main purposes of anarchists is standing up for themselves and be the voice of the people by standing up for their
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These inmates may have committed a crime, but they still deserve support from the government as any human being. This when anarchists and reformists come together to develop new alternatives that are efficient and effective. There a lot of alternatives used by different countries that the United States should consider for instance Japan argues prison should be the last resort of punishment. If there are alternatives that could better help the inmate, it should be …show more content…
Since it is impossible to avoid committing crimes, imprisonment would always be an option and it should not be. Reformists and the anarchists came up with alternatives to imprisonment such as community services and treatment programs to help the offenders learn their lesson.
After the prison system was discovered during the 19th century, the government lost interest in discovering new punishments for offenders. Angela Davis mentions:
“Since the invention of the prison as punishment in Western society during the late 1700s, criminal justice systems have so thoroughly depended on imprisonment that we have lost the ability to imagine other ways to solve the problem of [‘crime’]”. (Davis)
When the government found out about the prison system as a form of punishment, they relied on it excessively that they did not even think about finding new sentences because they believe it is the best option to teach offenders a lesson while saving money. Since the prison system is becoming more costly every year, they should aim to develop more alternatives to imprisonment that are low-cost and

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