Essay about Prison Overcrowding During The American Correctional System

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The overcrowding has played a crucial role in creating other problems or issues in the American correctional system. In essence, the issue of prison overcrowding in turn hurts prison guards and prisoners themselves. One of the major negative impacts of prison overcrowding is that it generates severe conditions where prisoners are required to take turns sleeping because of the lack of enough space (Caumont, 2). In addition, prison overcrowding acts as a catalyst for increased inmate misconduct, absence of significant work opportunities for inmates, and increased rivalry for correctional services like academic or vocational training initiatives. There are also concerns that prison overcrowding contributes to spread of diseases among inmates such as tuberculosis. Moreover, inmates are increasingly like to suffer from substance abuse and mental health challenges, which may become widespread in the correctional facilities in the United States. For prison guards, the challenges brought by the issue of prison overcrowding are related to management or administration of correctional facilities and ensuring and promoting the welfare and health of the inmates.
Increased Expenditures The second major issue in the American corrections facilities is increased expenditures or increased prison spending, which is largely attributed to prison overcrowding. Therefore increased prison spending is one of the corresponding problems that are brought by the issue of prison overcrowding in the…

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