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Pechorin’s forgiving nature and audacity compared to Grushnitsky’s cowardice further emphasizes Pechorin’s honorable traits, but his want to test fate drives these traits.

Pechorin also proves to be an honorable man in the Fatalist when he risks his life to capture the Cossack to question the presence of fate in life. Even though, the others want to shoot the Cossack, Pechorin insists on “taking him alive.” (172) Pechorin only attempts to capture the Cossack to “test [his] fate” (172) like Vulich. Pechorin’s intelligence in implementing his plan makes the act successful. Pechorin risks his life when he tries to capture the Cossack. However, Pechorin’s nonchalant bravery deters any anxiety from stopping him. In the pressure filled situation, Pechorin’s ability to cleverly come up with a plan to capture the Cossack is exemplary. His quick thinking cleverness is an honorable trait of his because it is practical for him in many situations. Pechorin’s intelligence does not need recognition solely because it is constructive, but his intelligence is honorable because it is more sophisticated. While other characters like Maxim do “not care for metaphysical discussions,” (174) Pechorin is intelligent enough to realize that fate exists every moment. His intelligence is envious and perhaps honorable to the other characters because he is able to comprehend complicated issues that do not occur to other people. Nevertheless, Pechorin’s
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