Primates Essay

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Different methods exist of classifying primates (authors present a simplified classification);
Tarsiers and humans somewhat controversial in terms of their classification into various primate taxonomies;
The order Primates is generally divided into two suborders: the Prosimians (lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers) and Anthropoids. Include New and Old World monkeys, lesser apes (gibbons and siamangs), the great apes (orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees), and
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Most of the fossils from early Miocene described as proto-apes including the best-known of this time called Proconsul (20 mya).
Arboreal quadrupedal fruit-eater found in Kenya and Uganda;
Characterized by classic ape feature of no tail, but was not a suspensory primate. Apelike dentition but monkeylike limb proportions including longer legs than arms. Ancestor to both monkeys and apes?
Some describe as “dental apes.”
was once thought ancestral to hominids due to its flat and thickly enameled molars, smaller, canines, and less sexual dimorphism than other Miocene apes (Asia);
Also lived in a mixed woodland-grassland environment like early hominids and diet consisted of diet of coarse grasses and seeds;

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