Essay Primary And Secondary Sources For Justify War

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This essay will use primary and secondary sources to justify war. The primary sources used will be a speech from the Queen of the Celts, Boudicea, and one from Great Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The two secondary sources will come from scholarly, peer reviewed sources. They will be used to back up the primary sources. These two speeches took place at different times in history. However, both show the justifications that these leaders used to encourage their people to fight with them. Having a reason to fight is important when leading one’s countrymen into war.
When it comes to going to war with the invading Roman military, Boudicea justifies the act to her people in a short speech. Tacitus, an ancient Roman historian, wrote about this period in time. He retells these reasons, “But now,” she said, “it is not as a woman descended form noble ancestry, but as one of the people that I am avenging lost freedom, my scourged body the outraged chastity of my daughters. Roman lust has gone so far that not our very person, nor even age of virginity, are left unpolluted” . She does not present herself as an aristocrat who is avenging her lost wealth. Instead she addresses her audience as if she is one of them, an ordinary person. She is retaliating for the freedom she has lost, the abuse her body has felt, and the abused chastity of her daughters at the hands of her enemy.
Tacitus goes on to tell how Boudicea confers that their cause is just. The one legion that had…

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