Essay on Primal Religion, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

1732 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
There are quite a few World Religions that people continue to practice around the world today. The main six that people tend to focus on are Primal, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This isn 't all that are practiced, but these are the main ones we have focused and narrowed down to study about during class this semester. The first one we started to talk about was Primal religion. Coming into the class I didn 't know much about Primal religions at all. There was a tremendous amount of history behind this religion. Primal religion came before any other world religion, which explains its name. “Primal” means primitive or original so this shows us why it would be the first religion before the others in ancient history. Most of the world religions branch or stem off from primal beginnings since it was the most historical and was the first. Since it was the first the only way they really passed down myths was orally “by mouth.” A myth is just a sacred story that people tell. Not only were they really into telling myths people who followed this religion also had a big relationship with nature. They really tended to focus on something called Animism. “Animism refers to religious practices and beliefs centering on the notion that spirits or souls inhabit and animate most, if not all, natural phenomena” (Kessler46). This was the answer given to the question that everyone seemed to ask about what was really going on when someone dreamt or even saw others die.…

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