Prevention Of Teenage Suicide

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Review of Literature

Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst teenagers aged 15 to 19 worldwide, as well as the fourth leading cause of death for children aged between 10 and 14. There are many doctors searching for the prevention of suicide, and several conclusions have been made on this topic. The researchers believe that many young people are afraid of reaching out and getting help from specific pills that can aid in their recovery from depression or any other mental illness that causes their consideration of suicide. Either that or it is not offered to them by parents of doctors due to past experiences with medication that have worsened the effects of depression (Kim, 2014). Although the experiences have had a bad effect on
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After examining numerous sources to provide the answer for the research question, it resulted to various conclusions. The conclusion was that cognitive therapy is a more beneficial method in treating teenage depression leading to suicide than prescribed medication. The number of sources consulted in the Review of Literature is seven, six of them providing facts about the two methods in the prevention of suicide, and the last one being a story someone has experienced with therapy and …show more content…
The reason it was partially correct is that even though the medication might have a bad influence on the individual, the only possible way of preventing suicide is the combination of pills and therapy. The possible research topics that one could examine are the effects on the mental stability of the families and friends who had to experience losing someone they love from suicide, or focus the studies on how the families had influenced the suicide of the child or adolescent. With 1 in 5 teenagers suffering from depression each year, 26% of them attempting suicide and 5% succeeding, the rate of an adolescent’s mental state deteriorating has increased and is increasing

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