Essay about Prevention And Prevention Of Skin Cancer

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Prevention isn’t a new topic of discussion. It has been around for decades, yet only recently have organizations pushed to help and inform the public of the prevention of skin cancer. These organizations are not only educating the general public, but they have even targeted certain demographics to research how the sun affects everyone. Each year there are more cases of skin cancer than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer combined. Even though skin cancer impacts the lives of millions and is extremely preventable, people just aren’t doing enough to keep themselves safe.
So, what can I do to keep myself safe? Learning what can cause skin cancer is a great step to prevention. Ultraviolet Radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. Although, there are many cases in which UV rays do not play a role in the contraction of skin cancer. Skin cancer is said to also stem from genetic abnormalities, a weakened immune systems, certain toxins, and other types of radiation (other than UV). Most UV radiation that the average Joe is exposed to, comes from the sun, but there are also man made sources that emit these dangerous waves. Those include indoor tanning beds and sun lamps, which according to can be just as dangerous.
There are three different wavelengths that are known to cause skin cancer in humans. UVA rays are the most abundant type and penetrate much deeper than UVB rays. They were in fact once believed to have no association with skin cancer. Contrary to past…

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