Essay on Preterm Childbirth Speech

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Speech Title: Preterm Childbirth
Specific Purpose Statement: My audience will learn about preterm birth as well as the causes of it and ways to prevent it.
Central Idea: Preterm childbirth is the leading cause of death in infants, and it is important that we know that there are ways to prevent preterm birth and care for babies who are born prematurely.
Method of Organization: Topical
I. In a time where everything is seemingly at our fingertips, it can be difficult for us to adjust to things that are out of our control. Sometimes we don’t always get what we expect. We may have the perfect plan for what we are doing in life, and then something out of our control changes and our entire plan is forced to change with it. Can
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An Overview of Preterm Birth:
I. The March of Dimes organization keeps up to date records on the facts of preterm birth, a lot of them are mind-blowing and may come as a shock.
A. Every year, 15 million babies are born too soon.
B. The United States is one of the top ten countries where preterm births occur.
C. There has been an increase in preterm birth rates over the past 20 years.
II. The death rates of preterm births may also come as a shock.
A. Prematurity is the leading cause of death in newborns (babies in the first four weeks of life) and is now the second leading cause of death after pneumonia in children under the age of 5. (March of Dimes)
B. 40% of premature children under the age of 5 die as newborns.
1. For babies who survive, there is an increased risk of disability, which exacts a heavy load on families and health systems.
C. Over ¾ of premature babies who die could be saved if basic care reached them and their mothers.
D. The chance of survival of the 15million babies who are born preterm each year varies dramatically depending on where the baby is born.
E. 90% of extremely preterm babies that are born in low-income countries die within the first few days of life, while less than 10% of extremely preterm babies die in high income settings. (March of Dimes)
1. The reason for this is because high-income countries have more information about the causes of preterm birth.
I. Preterm childbirth

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