Essay about Pressing For Prison Reform System

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Pressing for Prison Reform

The prison system is just as corrupt as the prisoners inside them. We live in a world where it is deemed acceptable to punish a criminal by taking away their humanity, and only release them when they find it themselves. We must reform the flawed prison system; only then can we correct the criminal way of life. Today, it is not uncommon to hear intrusive and abhorrent events that happen behind bars, including excessive violence, sexual harassment, health violations, and misconduct of legal power. Many human rights violations have occurred and been accounted for, supporting the idea that guidelines and handbooks simply are not effective. We must, at the very least, hold the legal systems accountable, reform the failing prison system, and reinvent a new approach to rehabilitation.

It is chaotic to identify what aspects are needed to reform the system, and even harder to distinguish where to begin the amends. However, it is necessary to establish what the objective of the prison, and prison system intended. It was once believed that the intent of prisons was in order to rehabilitate individuals who strayed from peaceful and amiable interactions with their community. In accordance with the severity of the offense and misdemeanor, the individual would be placed under reasonable restraint and supervision to protect themselves as well as others. Meanwhile, during the allotted time, the offender would be contained and eventually released back into…

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