President Lyndon B. Johnson Essay

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The President of the United States is most notable among the people, but we tend to forget about the vice president at times. The vice president takes on the President’s assigned leadership when the President can no longer fulfill his duties. This quick jump to presidential leadership, after the tragic death of President Kennedy, is all too true for vice president Lyndon B. Johnson. Before Johnson even became president he made great accomplishments in his life. Lyndon B. Johnson was always a hard worker throughout his college years and always held a job while attending school. Probably one of the most aspiring occupations he held was teaching. Possibly what inspired him to teach was attending the Southwest State Teachers College in Texas, to which he graduated from in 1930. He learned to have a strong compassion for others through his teaching career. According to, “ he taught at a school for disadvantaged Mexican-American students in southern Texas. This firsthand look at the effects of poverty and discrimination made a deep impression on Johnson and sparked in him a lifelong desire to find solutions to these problems (” Another career showing Johnson’s passion for helping others was becoming Texas Director of the National Youth Administration in 1937. Johnson also served in our great Nation’s armed forces, which I believe he should be most respected for even though it was only for a brief time. According to, “ In 1941 Johnson became…

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