President Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The United States

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President Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Jackson was head of the executive branch for two terms, from 1829 to 1837. Jackson was also known as the president of the common man. His new title was not the only thing that came out of his presidency, many changes occurred during his presidency that impacted The United States in many ways. During Jackson’s presidency, he attempted to shape the economy in a way he saw fit, Jackson also played a role in the reformation of previously established orthodoxy. Jackson’s presidency also paved the way for a revitalized political party system, and played a major role in the development of other political affairs. President Andrew Jackson strongly opposed The Bank of the United States and any bank that issued bank notes, which is also known to be “Soft money”. Jackson was in fervor of “Hard-money”, which was coined currency. The Hard-money faction that Jackson supported was against all banks that issued bank notes. Jackson had such a powerful opposition to The Bank of the United States that he refused to allow the renewal of the bank charter to pass, Jackson vetoed the Recharter Bill of 1932, and when Congress attempted to override the veto of the Recharter Bill of 1832, but failed to do so when they were unable to obtain the votes necessary to override Jackson’s veto of the bill. In addition to Jackson’s powerful resentment of the bank, he would often refer to it as the “monster”, and continued to thwart…

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