Presentation And Presentation Of The Sports Essay

909 Words Mar 9th, 2016 4 Pages
In our group presentation, there were areas where are presentation excelled and areas where our presentation could have been improved. Our transitions from one topic to the next lacked fluidity across the board. I struggled with reading the evidence I was using to support my claim which distracted me and the audience. Otherwise, the group was able to smooth talk about their topics without much issue. If we had practiced the speech once or twice, transitions between topics would have been more natural.
Our introduction introduced the topic of our speech and gave the audience a roadmap of the sports we would be covering throughout the speech. At the end of the introduction, the group presentation’s thesis statement was given. However, as mentioned before, transitioning from this paragraph into the next was rough. Writing out transitional sentences and sticking to them would have been useful for our presentation. Nevertheless, the introduction was able to engage the audience by asking questions. Reliability and passion were clearly displayed throughout the introduction.
The body sections of our speech took up the majority of the time and utilized three speakers. The first point our speech presented took up too much time and forced the next speakers to present their material quicker in order to meet the time requirement. Although the points interesting and necessary to illustrate our thesis, the speaker repeated a lot of material unnecessarily. The second speaker presented his…

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