Essay on Prescription Drugs Should Not Be Legalized

1471 Words Mar 11th, 2015 null Page
Prescription drugs are widely prescribed by care providers for various conditions that cause pain, anxiety and other mental health conditions. As these drugs become more common place in our society, the potential for misuse and abuse increases along with it. Through this essay I will attempt to determine if the misuse of such prescription medications causes social and economic damage to the same extent as that caused by the misuse of illicit drugs. Prescription drugs can only be obtained with the permission and direction of a medically trained physician. As the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse states, prescription drugs can help patients from pain relief, but there are medications that may lead to addiction, possible overdose or even lethal consequences (“Prescription Drugs,” n.d., para. 3).

What are illegal drugs? What are legal drugs? Should these drugs be legalized? These are the most common questions arise when we talked about the drugs. As it is true, “many people many heads and so many ideas”. Each and every person has its own views and opinion. According to me each and every thing which is banned by government should not be legalized because due to some important reasons government imposed ban on it. And drugs is the most interesting topic for discussion. Today about 75% of the youth is in the drugs which includes legal and illegal drugs. As it is true that excessive consumption of anything is injurious to our health. If we are addicted to the drugs then…

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