Essay on Preparation Of Enteral Feeds, Sterilization / Disinfection

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preparation, preparation of enteral feeds, Sterilization/disinfection of reused equipment, instruments, Disposal of contaminated waste material, Quality of drinking water or other items Cleaning services
The infection control unit are authorized to have the authority to review patient records, Order cultures or other laboratory tests as needed, Order patient isolation precautions and if possible, put patient with other similarly infected patients. Close a patient room/ward or the operating room if an unusually high risk of infection
There are available financial support for infection control activities, these include financial support for educational programs and for laboratory services or monitoring.
The significance of the problem related to mortality and morbidity rate.
Recently, mortality and morbidity patterns were dominated by high rates of infectious disease-related death, with mortality from chronic diseases predominating. However, estimates from the Global Burden of Disease study, signifies that infectious diseases account for only 4% of all disability-adjusted life years (DALYs)—a measure of the burden of diseases and injuries, while chronic and neoplastic diseases account for 81%. (NCBI, 2009). It is factual to indicate that the immediate cause of mortality in patients with diverse underlying diseases can be infectious disease. However, the proportion of infectious diseases as either the immediate or underlying cause of mortality is still being investigated…

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