Prejudice Towards Mexicans By The American Empire And Its Past War On Mexico

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Prejudice towards Mexicans by the American Empire and its past war on Mexico. (Blog 1)

Becoming a part of humanities core has caused me to reflect on the many interpretations of what an empire is, and how it has a strong impact on modern living. Thus, it has made me connect to modern day America and its conflicts towards my Hispanic culture. This course has so far caused me to acknowledge both the good and bad sides of an empire and how its people and choices can create either a positive effect or a complete havoc on some of its population. Therefore, I will be making this connection by incorporating my personal observations of how most Mexicans are treated in America and also connecting it with the Mexican-American war.
The notion that America is “the land of the free and home of the brave” is a debatable context that coincides with the experiences of victims who have become and are still becoming dehumanized by this western society. In these modern days, I myself have witnessed the uprising hatred and absurd ignorance towards Mexicans; both who are classified as citizens of the States and “alien immigrants”. As their given name by the American culture, these “aliens” are portrayed as “job stealers”, “criminals”, and “dim-wits”. Thus, demonstrated by the brainwashed American multitudes, there lies an unreasonable source of blame towards Mexicans whom they target in order to come up with excuses to mask their own inner faults. Furthermore, the modern claim that they steal…

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