Predicting The Effects Of Overpopulation On Human Society Essay

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Predicting the Effects of Overpopulation on Human Society
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With rapid population growth and urbanization escalating, overcrowding has concerned many scientists, researchers, and the human populace as a whole. Overpopulation, the condition of having a population larger than an area can hold, is a serious issue which has many adverse effects on the well-being of a healthy human population. A growing seven billion people live on Earth and factors such as pollution, and human well-being are all be affected by overpopulation. Continued growth in population will cause an even greater impact on society, individuals, and the environment. The effects of overpopulation are a multi-layered combination of different factors, all of them affecting each other in a variety of ways, yet they all work together to lead to the collapse of society. The continuation of these trends due to rising overpopulation will lead to the ultimate collapse of society attributed to the degradation of social structure, environmental structure, and human behavioral alterations and the culmination of the resulting effects. Continued population growth needs to be ended in the near future as it will affect every human being on the surface of the planet to a massive scale that can not be reversed.
We chose to explore this topic because it truly is a pressing issue in our world. This has never been a problem faced by humans until now, which causes many of its victims to ignore its existence and…

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