Essay about Precious And Cash Rolling Down The Marble Staircase

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Jewels and cash rolling down the marble staircase. Bugatti and Lamborghini purring in the garage. Late night after parties all week. Yes, riches are the goal in this world. These are what many individuals aim tirelessly for. However, each person has a different taste when it comes to wealth. Humans can attain wealth through physical, mental, or spiritual means. Some prefer to be materialistic while others want to be well-rounded in information or even figuring out their state of being in this planet. Whether it be one or all, humans are diverse in their own ways in this matter.
First off is physical or tangible wealth of which are obtained through property, security, and pleasure. Regarding property, it is any tangible object able to be owned or purchased. Mansion? Super car? Bank accounts and stock portfolios at an all time high? Yes that is wealth, to the very standard. However, property can be stolen. This is where security comes in. Body guards, surveillance, and insurance are just some forms of protection. It is better to be poor than to be rich without protection. If a man can have property and security, it is enough to consider he is rich physically. Last of the physical riches is pleasure. Pleasure can mean anything from food to travel. The very meaning of pleasure in this sense is the ability to do whatever you want to. Eating out or having a personal chef cook the food every meal of the day to buying a pair of Armani jeans in Paris and back are some forms of…

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