Persuasive Essay On Preschool Education

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Education is something that is key to individual’s success. Like most things in life, the earlier you start, the chance of success is greater. When children start their education early, the result is a better academic success. To ensure that success, each child should be able to be enrolled in an early education program, so give them a boost. This is a major issue being debated; whether the government should fund Pre-K for the young students of the United States. Currently, all families have the option to send their child to pre-k, but a significant amount of families are unable to afford this. As, most Pre- K programs can be thousands of dollars, to most it is an unobtainable luxury. This is a major issue that needs to change, because all children should be given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their family 's income. Due to the many benefits that a child receives from Pre-K program, it is something that should that should be funded by the government, and accessible everyone nationwide. The government is currently working on many more options to ensure that the education will be providing to all of our nation’s youngest students. This …show more content…
By starting education at such a young age, it provides them with them with the start they need. Unfortunately, this is not the case right now. Wealth is determining the education early individuals, which is something that needs to be fixed. A nationwide, government funded program will lead to countless benefits. By the government funding universal Pre-k, more students will be ready to start school, and will lead to many positive results in the future, not only in the students lives, but as a nation as a whole. The economic success of the United States, is dependent of the education of the newest generation, thus making government funded Universal Pre-K a clear choice, that will only end in one thing,

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