Pre-Civil War Essay

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Antebellum (pre-Civil War) America to contemporary (modern) America
Starting from the pre-Civil war years between 1820 and 1860, America underwent the most chaotic experience in its history. During this period, the nation saw its people being developed from underdeveloped farmers and frontiersmen into becoming members of an urbanized economic powerhouse (Layson, 2014). America therefore in this period experienced five major trends in their life as the agricultural south became more separated from the industrialized North. Almost since the American republic was founded, the American legislators have tried to find the benefits of welcoming immigrants against the advantages of restricting the immigrants’ movement into their country. They have
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Almost since the country was founded, political influence has been the line of debate and the fear of foreigners overtaking Americans within the United States led to political radicalism. The antebellum years are characterized by the westward expansion issues which impacted on American societies and politics. Many Americans during the war of 1812 believed that God wanted them to increase Protestantism and democracy throughout the continent. This idea popularly referred to as “manifest destiny” is considered a way of making the policymakers to maximize on the public sentiment in order to acquire states hence declaring war against Mexico in 1846. This war was intended at seizing anything between Texas and California. The idea also spurred forced very many Americans in the East to change their residences in order to move to the lively Oregon, Santa Fe, California Trails and Mormon (sparknotes, 2015).
During the two decades between 1890 to the start of the World War I, immigration in the American history experienced a huge increase in the number of immigrants which reached 11.70 million. This large number of immigrants mainly originates from southern Europe. Immigration management in this period under the government supervision would fall exclusively. This is because the congress ripped all the commissions of the powers they help before and established a new federal Bureau of

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