Powwow Highway Analysis

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Powwow Highway Task Sheet

1. How does Powwow Highway depict the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Lame Deer, Montana?
The reservation is depicted in a way which clearly shows that the people there are living below the average. Most of the houses have no windows, pylons are rare and the whole reservation looks empty. The only place where we can see some community life is the pub and the community room, where an IBA agent tried to convince the tribe to sell their lands.

2. Later the characters visit the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. In what sense is it different?
The living conditions in Pine Ridge Reservation are the same, however, the people’s attitude towards their culture, their heritage is a bit different. The audience can see
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List instances where the characters encounter discrimination.
How Bonnie was arrested, or in the jail while she was talking with her children she was cut off before the visiting time was up.
When Buddy and Philbert wanted to buy some Hi-fi to the car and the seller offered the cheapest one to them.

9. How does Powwow Highway de- and reconstruct the old “cowboys versus Indians” theme?
I couldn’t find any good example for this in the film. Maybe just the chasing scene, where the Indians who just helped someone to escape from the jail they “ran away on their ponies” in the film, they just used Philbert’s car.
10. What references are made to federal Indian policy?
It was not totally clear to which policy they have referred, but the policeman said something like that if Buddy and the others go across a line, they can’t do anything with them. The other reference is Buddy’s examples against the sale of the lands, like the Indians were forced into reservations, and the unemployment rate is the double of the national average.
I’ve found that the most significant reference when Philbert said that they are visited the Black Mountains, which is the most sacred place for them on the whole World, and a few moments later there was a shot about the Mount

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