Powers Of Plato Research Paper

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Powers of Plato

(A discussion of Plato

example of people

What purpose do our lives hold? Many of us wonder but not a lot of us really exam our lives in depth. In one text we

begin to see that exploration take form. Plato

his beloved teacher defends himself. He talks a lot about his teachings and about what life means. His martyr prints

his philosophies in blood for the next generations to continue learning from. Reading this text, I learned many

important philosophies of Socrates. Three things that stood out to me the most in Apology is know thyself, an

unexamined life isn

In Apology Socrates explains that the Delphi Oracle teaches one must first

through this advice he knows he isn

topic to discover other important knowledge, but he knew himself first. This applies
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For example, I have spent years of my life devoted to sports. These games take time away from

my family, studies, and friends but I pursue them it with a restless passion. Why? Why do I put so much time and

energy into a game? Why do I feel so satisfied and fulfilled when I do? These questions, whether answerable or not

give perspective and meaning to my life. They make me question my choices; they help me make choices that bring

Finally, Socrates taught me, in Apology, that wisdom is accepting what you do not know. This relates back

to know thyself. Wisdom is often times thought of how much a person knows, or how well that person applies there

knowledge. This is just one understanding of the word. Socrates gives us another, deeper definition; it

what you know and what you do not know. Wisdom is knowing your weaknesses, accepting them, and learning

from them. One may ask, how can you know what you do not know? The answer is simply we can

know that we lack knowledge in certain areas. I think this is what Socrates meant. When Socrates found out the

Oracle had pronounced him the wisest man, Socrates was confused. He knew many men who had a

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