Power Of Words Essay

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The Power of Words
Language has been an important part of human evolution since its creation. In many cases, it is inferred that language contributes to the genius of the human mind. This is because language is what allows us humans to think and imagine everything in the world. Therefore, every word we say to refer to anything; is a metaphor that our mind creates to refer to things in existence. The complexity of all this is that language evolves when the meaning of words change. This can be in accordance to the geographic or cultural infrastructure where the language is spoken. The definition of such words can change upon the facial expression used to express some radical point. Other ways words can be created are by “error”, “words can be adopted from another language”, “words are created’, “words can change by doing nothing”, and “words are created by adding or subtracting some”. [Lee A. Jacobs, A World of Ideas, Bryson, Where Words Come From, pg. 811-821]. Upon this theory comes a theory that describes the creation of all the languages in existence today. We can go as far as Latin. Latin was scholarly view of speaking and storing information in documents in the Western Civilization. Though, above that there were lexicons of Latin being created all over Europe. These Lexicons evolved to creole and at last it develops into different
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“Belief” is the trust that believers place in God. It is the idea of putting faith on the existence of God. According, to the Oxford English Dictionary this definition derived from the Christian virtue of faith. To be more accurate this is definition is more commonly used in the 21st century. Another prominent definition for belief is, the mental action, condition, or habit of trusting in a person or thing. Overall, belief has a total of 8 definitions, which will be a pain to list all the definitions. According, to Bryson this is common in

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