Essay On Minimum Wage Hike

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Minimum Wage Hike Minimum wage has been a hot topic for countless decades. Society has always had a workforce that has supported the minimum wage. However has the living wage supported those who work at it? According to this population it does not and they are effortlessly trying to get the minimum wage raised to a livable standard. Experts say that if the hike in the minimum wage rises to what is satisfactory, $10.10/hr according to Obama back in 2014, the effects would be worse. Consequently the government has continued to study this dilemma. Studies have been done to see the effects of the raise. “According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the average family income of employees who should benefit from the proposed minimum wage hike is $37,782 per year. The same data set shows that nearly 70 percent of those employees live with their parents or relatives or have a working spouse. What is at issue is whether mandated minimum wage hikes reduce poverty. According to the research presented in committee testimony, they do not. And, in fact, they may make matters worse.” (Dilworth) The government sees that with such a huge population that is in that level will still be in the same predicament. Dr. David Numark of Michigan State …show more content…
(It may even save money, if people become less dependent on government programs such as food stamps and Medicaid.) Yet that 's exactly what frightens conservatives, who say that new salary obligations for businesses could kill jobs, discourage employers from hiring workers, and ultimately slow the recovery.”(Cook) This quote is raising eyebrows to what is the best solution to this quandary. As history has been written there has never been any easy solutions. Opinions will fly and get tossed around and the final solution will not please

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