Poverty Has Been Dealing With Poverty Essay

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Throughout history, humanity has been dealing with poverty in society. Among all global countries, poverty is one of the biggest problem being faced to eradicate. However, poverty can not be eliminated easily. People from wealthy countries like the U.S.A., are needed to help individuals that are suffering from poverty and extreme poverty. Peter Singer in his essay “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”, offers a solution to eradicate poverty worldwide. He proposes that every household should donate the money that they have left after paying their necessities. His arguments throughout his essay are strong in demonstrating the necessity of donations from middle class people to finish with overseas poverty. However, his arguments are also weak as he demonstrates a solution that could affect the middle class and the economy of the country. Even though his solution of asking the middle class people to give a portion of their income to fight poverty is seen almost impossible, an affordable fair share should be imposed by the government to every household to put an end to poverty once and for all.
Poverty should be addressed by wealthy countries who are capable to stop it and prevent it. Singer argues in his essay that all the money wasted in addictive consumerism that is affecting the U.S. citizens should be donated to help endangered people. As Singer claims, “Going out to nice restaurants, buying new clothes because the old ones are no longer stylish… so much of our income is…

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