Essay about Poverty And The United States

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Poverty is a common topic brought up in conversations relating to second or third world countries. Poverty is never really a common subject when discussing countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, because they are first world countries. However, poverty is a real problem in the United States and is devastating more lives as time goes on. U.S citizens facing poverty face many issues besides the simple fact of being poor, many of which are not clearly understood. The feeling of sympathy can easily be expressed when seeing a person or family in need of financial support. However, not everyone easily looks upon the poor and feels that way. Many poverty-ridden or homeless citizens are looked down upon as a person because of their financial standing. This also may apply to families with children who are able to ben in school. Many children who attend school and may not have the money to afford new clothes and the latest hairstyles are sometimes bullied and believed not to be “up to par” as the rest of the students. This is why many schools have evened the playing field by implementing school uniforms. Poverty tends to affect the way society looks at an individual, as if they are any less human because they lack monetary stature. This is just one of the impacts that poverty has on a person or family in the U.S. Another challenge that poor individuals face in America is being able to provide the necessities needed to survive. Depending on where the person or family…

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