Swot Analysis Of Food Desert

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There are many people in this world who still struggle day-to-day for food and their living expenses. Even in the developed countries like Canada and the United States, many people live under the poverty. Some of those people live in the food desert. Food desert refers to an area where healthy and fresh foods are difficult to get. It occurs both in cities and rural regions. Where people don 't have easy access to healthy foods, they are either living far off the stores with limited mobility or couldn 't afford it. The word desert is described as inhabitant, abandoned and vacant given with the environmental effect to the area. The urban development shapes the food system and distribution of stores throughout the country. As large supermarkets …show more content…
The owners of these stores find it hard to make profits in these areas, with less demographic and low-income neighborhoods resulting in less supply of healthy foods. These retail need good initial investment thus capital in these food deserts are low making challenging for them to open stores. It’s hard for the small-scale retailers to locate and sustain their businesses in low-income communities (Bedore, M. 2013). As these cooperation’s or stores function by the means of demand and supply products, which regulate what products in stores are available. The marketing in which the consumer and the retailer connect determines the prices and availabilities of these food products. More numbers of grocery stores are found in wealthier and white neighborhoods. In contrast, these food desert areas have more fast food chains making it more accessible to the residents. Socio-economic factor also plays as a characteristic for food desert, being most common in low-income areas and communities of color. Instead of having access to healthy and fresh foods, people in these areas are exposed to fast foods and convenient stores. White neighborhoods usually in average have four times more supermarkets compared to that of African-American communities. The presence of food injustice is based on social and economic factors. It mostly affects the people with low income and it 's a structural problem that needs to be addressed. People are dependent on what they can afford and are provided with rather than being able to freely choose and

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