Poverty And Poverty : Poverty Essay

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Poverty It was my mother who taught me the meaning of poverty. She did not teach me the meaning of poverty because we were poor, but the meaning of poverty because we had everything physically. She taught me that I was poor with the things that the naked eye could not reveal. My mother taught me that my poverty was different from everyone else’s. I had to have more than just clothes and shoes. I was rich, but I was very poor at the same time. “Poverty is defined as the state of being extremely poor” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). In society, poverty has been shaped according to someone’s living status and finances; however, poverty can be shown through many other instances such as being mentally poor, and physically poor.
Society has shaped things in many ways—ways that are not exactly right. Poverty has been shaped, extremely to convince people that if you do not have enough money or if you live in an area that is not the ideal area you are poor. Poverty is not only about staying in a slum, or a lack of money, nor is it only about a lack of intelligence. It is much more. Poverty is the lack of anything. Someone can have a lack of love in their lives. Therefore, they are poor in self. Someone can have a lack of education, but have tons of money. However, they are poor in knowledge. There are several countries that are currently dealing with poverty. Some have extreme poverty, then some have mild poverty, and others do not have as much poverty at all. Although they are all…

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