Potato Osmosis Lab Report

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Register to read the introduction… Sodium chloride and distilled water. We used both of them and compared them to each other. We chose to use the 5 molar sodium chloride concentration and distilled water. However for the actual investigation we would use more concentrations that would go in-between the two extreme concentrations. We used a volume of 60ml and 20ml. Then out of the two we chose the one that showed us the most promising results to use for the main investigation. We ended up choosing the 60ml as it showed more results with osmosis occurring that …show more content…
The correlation portrays that as the concentration of the solution increases, the mass of the potato decreases. As the potato was placed into the solution the mass of the potatoes increased. The increasing of mass means that the volume of water inside the potato would have increased .this is all due to osmosis. The water particles from inside the potato diffused to come into the concentrated sodium chloride. These results prove that my prediction is correct. However you notice that there is a more apparent difference between the distilled water and the two molar sodium chloride than the five molar sodium chloride and two molar sodium chloride. In distilled water, the osmosis movement would be water diffusing into the potato. Whilst in the two molar sodium chloride, the diffusion would have been occurring in the opposite direction instead of the water going in the potato the water could be diffusing out of the …show more content…
| |-23.6% | | |

|Potato |Mass increase/decrease (1dp) |Height increase/decrease (1dp) |Weight increase/decrease (1dp)|
|1 |3.2-2.96 =0.24/2.99x100= 8.1% |3.5-3.5= 0/3.5x100= 0% |1-1=0/1x100=0% |
|2 |2.36-2.96= -0.6/2.96x100= |3.3-3.5= -0.2/3.5x100= -5.7% |0.9-1= -0.1/1x100= -10% |
| |-20.3% | | |
|3 |2.3-2.96= -0.53/2.96x100= |3.3-3.5= -0.2/3.5x100= -5.7% |0.9-1= -0.1/1x100= -10% |
| |-22.3% | | |
|4 |2.26-2.96= -0.7/2.96x100= |3.3-3.5= -0.2/3.5x100= -5.7% |0.9-1= -0.1/1x100= -10% |
| |-23.6% | |

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