Post World War I : The United States Seemed Like The Ideal Place For Americans

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Post World War 2, the United States seemed like the ideal place for Americans. For many Americans, this was a time in which they were able to live an easy life filled with adventure, culture, and gratitude for life. For those in the 20-30 age range, time was a pigment of their imagination; going about in life as if there were no end to it. They were more focused on having a great time and not having the worry of wars repercussion on their mind. Culture is what spoke to them and seemed to be the only thing on their mind. Yet, there was a group of people whose lives did not reflect America’s lifestyle, soldiers and their families. Many of them returned home with the horrifying images of killings and death engraved into their memories. Not knowing how to cope with this, many of them felt disconnected from the American lifestyle and views everyone all shared. Within this small group, there was a group of young men and women who were disillusioned and expressed themselves by writing. These young men of war who moved to Europe to find fulfillment in life are known as “The Lost Generation”. “You are all a lost generation.”-Gertrude Stein(). A name one of Steins employee gave to the young man who worked for him is what American writers from the 1920s are called (writers). This group of people was named this due to them not being able to fully understand living life during and after war, feeling a disconnection from the American lifestyle, and not having a sense of direction in…

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