Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Of The Salton Sea Essay

2066 Words Dec 12th, 2016 9 Pages
“Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland.” A phrase that is used so very often when in regards to the Salton Sea to the point when it is synonymous with the dying lake. Although it is catchy for a headline or two, it isn’t terribly accurate as of now. “Post- Apocalyptic Wasteland” is more of a self fulfilling prophecy. We already think of it as a quarantine zone, so what’s the point of trying to restore it? This thinking is not only killing the idea of restoration, but also physically killing the lake, because there isn’t enough of an outcry for this ticking time bomb. If nothing is done about, it will become one of the greatest environmental disasters our world has ever seen. The Salton Sea has some chemicals near the bottom of the sea that are harmful to us as humans, and they are kept in place by the water. If the water dries up, these chemicals will be tossed up in dust storms that can reach places as far as San Diego and Los Angeles. This can lead to multiple health issues. Not only are there health issues for us, there are also ecological issues regarding the vast amount of species that call this lake their home. There are hundreds of birds that live in this region, and if this lake dies, many of them may die along with it. Originally, the Salton Sea was part of the Gulf of California, but this was millions of years ago. Once the Gulf of California receded, it created a huge dry depression that occasionally flooded when the Colorado River changed its direction. One of the biggest…

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