Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Essay

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“Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland.” A phrase that is used so very often when in regards to the Salton Sea to the point when it is synonymous with the dying lake. Although it is catchy for a headline or two, it isn’t terribly accurate as of now. “Post- Apocalyptic Wasteland” is more of a self fulfilling prophecy. We already think of it as a quarantine zone, so what’s the point of trying to restore it? This thinking is not only killing the idea of restoration, but also physically killing the lake, because there isn’t enough of an outcry for this ticking time bomb. If nothing is done about, it will become one of the greatest environmental disasters our world has ever seen. The Salton Sea has some chemicals near the bottom of the sea that are harmful …show more content…
Many people think it should be dried up, because it can sometimes cause unpleasant smells that can drift for hundreds of miles. This smell also contributes to the belief that the Sea is already dead, and there is nothing that can be done. This is not the case, but if it were to fully dry up, we would face more serious issues. Currently, the dust storms already get so massive that they can travel to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. This would get even worse if we let the this lake dry up. The dust from this valley is so tiny that, “you can get thirty sediments in the width of a human hair. They are so small, if you inhale these into your lungs, they can profuse directly into your bloodstream, carrying with them whatever chemicals are attached to the sediment. That would be Cadmium, Arsenic, and Selenium.” (Tim Krantz Breaking Point 00:31:12 - 00:31:40) These microscopic particulates can affect your entire body, and cause serious medical emergencies ranging from heart disease, neurological damage, and kidney failure. All of these problems are happening now, before the Sea has fully dried up. If this problem isn’t addressed, this could lead to a massive multi-state wide …show more content…
This deal increased the amount of Colorado River water flowing into San Diego County. However, a second part of it states that the State of California is responsible to restore the Salton Sea Restoration. This means that the Imperial Irrigation District no longer has to send significant amounts of water down to the Salton Sea, but this will stop in 2017. In 2007 a nine billion dollar Salton Sea Ecosystem restoration program was proposed by the State of California, but this only lasted a year because of the economic Recession of 2008. Following the recession, in 2013 a new bill proposed to shift all responsibility from the State of California to Local Authority. This bill failed to pass the next year. The problems surrounding the Salton Sea have been known for at least forty years, yet nothing has been done. It has just been a back and forth

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