Positive Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce is the lawful termination of marriage by the court or rather any competent body that has the authority of determining whether the marriage can come to an end. This means that the bonds of matrimony that was between the husband and the wife under the rule of law of the specific country or rather the state will be dissolved. There are many reasons that result in divorces such as: adultery, domestic violence, a midlife crisis, being a workaholic and addictions to alcohol and gambling. Apart from this, there are other minor factors that can result in divorces such as wages, sex ratios, income, the age of which one gets married and many other factors. When there is a break up in marriages, there are laws that help ensure that legal solutions are provided, especially for the issues that couples are unable to solve through a mutual agreement. This parting
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At some point, the parents might be divorced, and the parent remarries again to a better person. Many times, children can become closer to their step-parent than their biological parent. Suppose the couples divorced as a result of alcoholism, then the child will benefit if the parent remarries to an individual who is not an alcoholic and who cares for the family. Moreover, either parent might get married to a wealthier person who can care for the needs of the child and even make the child better educated by putting him in the best schools possible (Bradford, 2012). Children might also be able to understand better the issues of marriage and relationships especially if the divorced parents get a more stable life partner after divorcing. Children may often see their parents in more loving relationships rather than a tumultuous partnership. Furthermore, the child might also experience love from both parents especially when the parent

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