Should Women Be Allowed To Get Married At A Young Age?

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People have come to believe that getting married at a young age is a thing of the past. In 1970, the average age for women to get married was 21, and the average age for men to get married was 23. Every few years those numbers have been rising. Today, the average age for women to get married is 26, and the average age for men to get married is 28. The change in age ranges for people getting married is being referred to as the second demographic transition (“The Case”). Where in societies like ours that exhibit lengthy economic prosperity, men and women alike begin to lose motivation to marry and have children, and thus avoid one or both. “Pragmatically, however, the institution of marriage remains a foundational good for individuals and communities.” (“The Case”). Couples have started to refrain from and think that the social norm to get married is at an older age. When they could have found the right person for them a few years, or months ago, they may just need to realize that marrying at a younger age is a …show more content…
Some parents have a financial hold on their children to keep them from getting married at a young age. Such as paying for their insurance whether health or car, phone bills, and in some cases college tuition. This was shown multiple times in Regnerus’ article, but one time, in particular, was a girl named Sara. Though, as soon as her parents found out she was stripped of financial help until they broke up. Her parents told her that she needs to put her “full attention on grades and school because they want her to get a good job." This is the case with many young people today, having their parents interfere in their lives and telling them they cannot get married until they are successful. But the parents need to keep it in their minds that there has been no right age to make their children

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