Positive And Negative Consequences Of Online Self Presentation

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The article I decided to read for this analysis focused on the examination of how athletes engaged in self-presentation using Instagram, and the gender differences that emerged from their self-presentation behaviors. Previous research on this subject had been centered on more text-based mediums, such as blogs and Twitter. With visual mediums becoming more popular the researchers wanted to determine how athletes engaged in self-presentation through a visual platform, and how self-presentation differed by gender. Though reading this article I learned that a few professional athletes had been fired or demoted to practice squads because of their presence on social media. Using these platforms, athletes take a more active part in their public presentation and share more aspects of their identity than is typically portrayed in mainstream media coverage. While everyone should be able to portray their identity on social media, this article does a good job of showing the positive and negative consequences of online self-presentation.
Due to the nature of the research project the researchers decided including both a content and textual analysis was important in examining a visual medium.
They researchers chose to select sports that lent themselves to direct comparisons, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, track, golf, swimming, baseball, and softball. Athletes for the analysis were selected based on popularity/name recognition within their sport, their activity level on Instagram,…

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