Portrayal Of Women During The Novel ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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The depiction of women in the novel “Of Mice and Men”, is far from being flattering. Steinbeck has, in this novel, only one female character, Curley 's wife, and as we can see, she didn 't even has a first name. The other women in the novel are referred as prostitutes, with the exception of Lennie 's aunt Clara, who seems to be a housewife. These images could be interpreted as misogynist in our time, but putting those images in the context of the 30 's in the United States, we can see the will of the author trying to point out the problems in the society he is living and his effort for changing it. The women of "Of Mice and Men" are not the American women of the 30 's, on the contrary, is the image that the society have about females. Even though the American society of 1930 was a sexist society, women played an important role during the Great Depression. Women during this time were perceived as second to men. In the novel Curley 's wife doesn 't have a name, giving us the idea of property. There is a scene in the book where Carson says to Curley "...Why 'n 't you tell her to stay the hell home where she belongs?..." Women, in that society, where supposed to stay home and please their husbands as we can see, but according to a psychological study made in 1937 this made women to have a much more positive mentality, toward life problems, than men. Men was seeing as the breadwinners in a household and they perceived themselves as that. However, with the Depression, a lot…

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