Portrayal Of The Older Adult Essay examples

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Portrayal of the Older Adult in the Humanities In today’s world, there is a great misunderstanding about the aging process and a plethora of associated myths. Many people have a jaded view of aging and the elderly in general, which may be attributed to the false portrayals and stereotyping of the population in media platforms such as movies, television shows, and novels. There is a great disconnect between the current generations, which is even more concerning in our “aging society”, meaning that in the coming years, those over the age of 60 will outnumber those under 15 (MacArthur Foundation, 2009). A report published by the MacArthur Foundation (2009, p. 2) summed this problem up best, “Too much of what passes for knowledge and understanding of aging in America today are beliefs that are completely or partially false – myths, if you like – that must be recognized and unpacked.” The media has played a large role in the development of these myths; an article in the New York Times noted the disconnect present in current television shows stating, “If a character is yacking about flatulence, making randy remarks to a member of the opposite sex or being baffled by simple things, that character is likely to have some gray hair” (Genzlinger, 2013, p. 1). One of the biggest challenges in today’s society will be debunking the stereotypes that are ubiquitously displayed in the numerous media platforms. Until that occurs, there will continue to be a generational divide and a great…

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