Portrayal Of Nature Essay

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Nature is the hills, the water, the plants and the animals, but it is also humanity’s persistent surrounding. Humans reside in the realm of nature; consequently, the natural world is an everlasting centerpiece of literary expression. Through lyrics, poems and stories, readers are exposed to disparate portrayals of nature. This difference in interpretation is not surprising because individuals, authors, perceive the world according to their own beliefs, identities and even fears. In other terms, the perception of nature can influence and be influenced by individuality. The poems “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth, “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love” by Christopher Marlowe, and “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold exemplify the …show more content…
In “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, nature is described in terms of its beautiful “hill, mountains and daffodils”. Although the poem emphasizes the use of imagination, emotions and feelings, the descriptions used are not unconvincing or excessively exaggerated. The ways the flowers, the water and the birds are depicted are grounded somewhere between imagination and reality. Similarly Marlowe describes nature in terms of its beautiful and fruitful qualities, but does so in a rather utopian fashion. He presents an idealized view of the natural world, one where nature possesses no flaws. In lines …. Marlowe describes how nature can provide all and is the eternal source of happiness. In “Dover Beach”, Arnold depicts the natural world in different light. He begins by describing the lovely sounds that is brings like the crashing of the waves, but soon changes pace and discusses the unhappiness found within it. The screaming of the rocks crashing on the shore, and the lights going out blah blah. He describes a nightmarish world where melancholy resonates in nature’s …show more content…
The speaker in Wordsworth’s poem states that whenever he feels sad, he thinks of the daffodils, which enables him to be happy. Nature, but more accurately the thoughts that nature’s beauty created fill the speaker with rejuvenation and wonder outside of him dull life. In Marlowe’s poem the natural world serves to distract from the dissatisfaction that is felt toward modern society. The shepherd wishes for his lover to experience a naturalistic environment filled with modernistic objects; he wishes to combine the best of the modern and natural world. The overwhelming beauty of nature naively blinds him, thus making his plea seem unreasonable rather than ideal. Similarly, the oceanic setting in “Dover Beach” is quite beautiful but it serves as the hiding place for the miserable sounds of human suffering. The beauty of the natural world is essential for distracting humanity from the misery of life, but can also serve as a reminder of this

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