Essay about Portrayal Of Black Women, Where Race And Gender

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'Misogynoir-a term referring to misogyny directed towards Black women, where race and gender both play roles in bias. It was coined by queer Black feminist scholar Moya Bailey, who created the term to address misogyny directed toward black women in American visual and popular culture. '
//I think it 's important to note that as a mixed race female I am aware that I am privileged in not suffering from colourism as darker skinned or fully black women do. But I do have my own personal experiences of misogynoir. From the insistent cat calls of 'hey babe I love your curly hair ' to 'light skin girls always think their prestige ' to 'I 'm only attracted to mixed race girls ' my gender and my race are perpetually intertwined and I think it 's extremely rare that black women face misogyny without some mention or implication of their race and the reverse applies too. One of the main examples of this is the seemingly never ending problems black women endure with their hair which black men simply don 't suffer from. Throughout centuries black women 's hair has been the subject of judgement and scrutiny with a law being made in Louisiana in 1789 stating that women of colour had to cover their hair with a wrap or cloth. These attitudes are still prevalent today with young black girls being expelled from school due to their hair and black women being fired from the work places as their hairstyles are deemed inappropriate. This constant perusal invades the everyday lives of black…

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