Malcolm X Historiography

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X is written by American journalist and civil rights activist, Alex Haley. The content of the story was derived from several interviews with Malcolm X, conducted by Haley, beginning in 1963 up until Malcolm’s assassination in 1965. After dropping out from Alcorn State University, Haley enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard at the age of 18. At first, Haley was a steward, because it was one of the only jobs open to people of color. During World War II, Haley had gained an interest in storytelling, and by the war’s end the Coast Guard granted him permission to transfer to journalism. His exemplary work made him the first Chief Journalist in the history of the Coast Guard. His work is still remembered today by the Coast …show more content…
Once out of prison, Malcolm X met Elijah Muhammad in Chicago and that is where he officially changed his name from “Little” to “Malcolm X”. He and Muhammad would spend much time together, in preparation for Malcolm X to become a Black Muslim minister. At the end of their preparation, Malcolm X opened a temple in Boston, before eventually finding his way back to Harlem. When he returned to Harlem he discovered that many of his old acquaintances or people that were out for his blood were dead, he believed this was a good sign from Allah. At his Harlem temple, he met a nursing student, Betty, who he would marry in 1958. After writing several newspaper columns, Malcolm X founded his newspaper: Muhammad Speaks. During this period the Muslim movement became more mainstream and Malcolm X was slowly beginning to gain national attention as the chief spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Not only that but his message was beginning to resonate with some people. After violence began to break out in ghettos, many negroes felt that the negro man and the white man should live separate, unconnected lives in isolated societies. Over time though, Malcolm’s attitude towards the white man began to slowly neutralize. He began speaking on college campuses and discovered that many educated whites felt sympathy for the difficulties of life as a negro and wanted to help. However due to his increasing popularity a rift grew between him and Elijah Muhammad and he ultimately separated from the

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